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Guest Article by Claire Wentz

It can be challenging to determine when a senior loved one needs you living nearby to provide ongoing care. Many seniors don’t want to burden others, and many are too proud to ask for help. You can assess their condition and ability to care for themselves, and if you decide they need you, there are ways to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Should You Move?

You may feel overwhelmed when you think of moving, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years and have children to relocate. Assessing your parent’s condition will help you determine if you need to move closer.

Your parent should be meeting their physical and medical needs by taking medications as prescribed, eating nourishing meals, and performing all activities of daily living that help achieve adequate hygiene. In addition, your parent should be mobile enough and have a high enough mental acuity to live independently and take care of themselves.

The Parents’ Home

Examining the parent’s existing home will reveal if the house works for them. If your parent decides to remain in their home, you might choose to purchase one nearby and take over some of the maintenance responsibilities of their home by hiring local contractors. Landscapers can provide curb appeal, and if they live in an area that experiences snow in winter, you may want to hire a contractor for snow removal.

Consider hiring a gutter cleaning company to remove debris from the gutters in the fall. They have the tools and knowledge to clean the gutters safely and can inform you of any unnoticed damage so you can request repair or replacement before the problem becomes worse and more costly.

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year, especially for homes with nearby trees that shed leaves or needles. They can hold mold and provide fertile ground for unwanted plants. The average gutter cleaning cost ranges from $106 to $167 depending on your location, with more extensive projects costing as much as $350.

A New Home

If your parent’s current home is no longer suitable for them, there are options. They could downsize their hometo an apartment or a smaller house. Or, you could add to your home or build a cottage on your property. If they choose to reside in an assisted living facility, it may benefit you to live nearby to visit.

Moving Tips

If you decide to move, there are ways to make the moving process easier. Start early and make a to-do list. Don’t forget to have the utilities turned on in your new home.

Begin packing early to give yourself more time to decide what to keep and what to toss. In addition, you’ll have time to organize and label your boxes to make unpacking easier. For a more hands-off approach, you can hire a moving managerwho’ll handle every aspect of your move.

Relocation Advice

Real estate agents have a wealth of information and have knowledge of listings for sale, possible upcoming listings, and the approximate market value of your current home, and many have connections with professional moving and storage companies. In central Ohio, contact Berkshire Hathaway today for help buying or selling a home.



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