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By Eileen Scott, Career Transitions & Life Coach

Being busy doesn’t equal a thriving business. Busy seasons come and go, but the professionals focused on longevity and sustainability know that keeping their systems and plans churning is the difference between sporadic income and enduring wealth.

Integrating proven, repeatable systems like the evidence-based Ninja Selling System and the newly launched I.Q. System by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, establishes agents as advisors of influence who know how to generate their own leads and build client loyalty. These systems are at the core of the unique training and development program at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Platinum Realty Group.

Additionally, establishing habits around those systems, with the support of individual strategic planning and accountability, is key to actually creating those habits. That’s why working with a coach or accountability partner is so valuable. After all, systems only work if they are worked consistently—even during busy seasons.

Here are some ideas for cutting through busyness and focusing on business:

  1. Identify your values. Values are intrinsically most important to you. They serve as a compass for decision making, setting priorities and creating structure for your calendar.

  2. Establish a daily routine and follow it. Incorporate what motivates, inspires, and nurtures YOU so your routine creates a natural flow for your day.

  3. Find a system that is a good fit for your business style. You’re not inclined to stick with a system that isn’t in line with your values and goals. Make elements of that system part of your daily routine. Schedule business time on your calendar and honor it like you would an appointment.

  4. Know when to say no. We all want to serve and help. However, allowing others to dictate or monopolize your time, can deeply impact your energy, your attitude, and how you show up for clients, colleagues, and family. Remember, saying no for now doesn’t mean you can’t help or participate in the future when the time is right.



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